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Denim Days and why they matter 


Confession: I wear a lot of lounge wear. And my hair is frequently underwashed, underbrushed, and thrown up in a messy bun. Not the cute, “chaos meets perfection/ #wokeuplikethis/ but really it took 5-12 attempts at naturally beautiful” messy bun (…Hu? …Yes, of course that’s what it’s called! Just check your instagram.) But the real, “just plain chaos/ #wokeuplikethisyesterday #orwasitthedaybefore/ contains 5-12 varieties of toddler goop” messy bun. Oh, and makeup: If there is any at all, it is only what remains after not doing a good enough job at cleaning my face last time I felt the need to look human.

I haven’t always lived this way though. I used to have more denim days than trench days.

Allow me to explain: Denim Days are days in which I make an attempt at appearing like a human and my outfit is no less casual than denim jeans. This is usually inspired, at least in part, by the need to leave my house for one reason or another, or I got excited about something, or I just remembered that I’m awesome. Trench Days are days like the above where I forget that I am more than a servant to my family or a product of my situation. This is usually a result of no inspiration at all,or getting little to no sleep at night, or the entire first trimester and a half of pregnancy, or maybe I entertained the mean thoughts in my head.

I actually go through seasons where I have more of one type of day than the other. Here are some things that I’ve noticed after having gone through several cycles of this. With any luck, they might help you have fewer Trench  Days.

I have more Denim Days when I plan things ahead.

Remember how I said that denim days are usually inspired by the need to leave my house?  Well, turns out I have this thing about me where if I tell someone else that I’m going to be somewhere or do something, I make it happen (barring any emergencies or pregnancy brain/blond moment educed oversights). I’d like to say it’s because I honor all of my commitments, but I’m really awesome at breaking the ones I make only to myself, so maybe that makes me a people pleaser? In any case, I’ve figured out how to use it to my advantage.

I kick life’s butt better when I start my Denim Days earlier.

I am perhaps the furthest thing from a morning person that exists in this world, probably even in other worlds. Given the opportunity, I’m pretty sure I could sleep till the edge of eternity. I totally understand the urge to let my children be my morning alarm, and I succumb to it frequently. Here’s the thing though; the only thing I like less than waking up, is waking up to toddlers demanding breakfast and fighting about who gets to eat out of the green bowl. So if I wake up a little earlier, I get to wake up on my own terms, and if I got ready or accomplished something productive, I might even be riding a confidence high before that rediculousness breaks loose. Plus, starting earlier gives me more time in the rest of the day to get stuff done.

The more Denim Days I have closer together the more satisfaction I have with my life generally.

There’s something to be said about consistency. It’s like I get so used to rocking at life, it becomes the norm. And the satisfaction of knowing you’re on the ball is AWESOME! One of my favorite quotes is this, “Try and keep on trying until that which seems difficult becomes possible—and that which seems only possible becomes habit and a real part of you.” -Dieter F. Uchtdorf

So I guess that’s it. Plan on getting dressed, dress earlier, dress more often. Win.

Do you have any tricks you like to use to keep the Trench Days at bay? Share them in the comments! If you liked this post or think someone you know will, please share it! 🙂